If you have thought that the name of our agency is a jawbreaker and that our goal is for you to break it, you are mistaken. What we want is for you to remeber us because of our unusul name. We would say that we are on the right track to accomplish that.

For starters you should know what is the meaning of the word tabard that was the ground for our name. History lovers may have heard this word somewhere, but for the others here is a short lesson. Promise it won`t be long.

The word tabard originates in the French language from the word tabarde, meaning a simpler form of today’s tunic. Tabard is a short coat that was popular during the Middle Ages as knights wore them. Even then the knights were fashion conscious and they could choose whether to wear a coat with sleeves or without. As today`s women wear skirts with slits (Angelina we are looking at you), the knights could have slits on their tabards. The outfit could be completed with a belt, and those of higher status placed their coat of arms on it. The coat of arms showed their affiliation to a certain movement, order, house or state.

The importance of the tabard can also be observed through its marketing influence as it was one of the first forms of advertising. With the tabard the Knights were recognized among the masses.

When people talk about knights they always imagine heroes who bravely and fearlessly chase forward. We are not knights, but we are a group of young enthusiasts who will fight with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Analytics, Adwords and all the other monsters of the Internet for you.

Just like knights in history used tabard to promote themselves, we use the internet and all aspects of digital marketing to present you. And that is why tabard + DI.