Advertising on Social Media

 We create marketing campaigns for your services and products on social networks. We will create creative ads for you on Facebook and Instagram to encourage people to interact. Interested in advertising?


Market research

Determining the target audience

Development of short-term and long-term goals


Creating a campaign


Creating ads


Interested in Facebook ads and/or Instagram ads?

You are in the right place! You don’t have to know anything about social media advertising. We are here to create successful campaigns for you that will raise the awareness of your future customers about your brand and the products/services you offer, which later results in higher sales or inquiries.

Successful campaign implementation takes several months of effort and works to achieve good advertising results. The results are not visible immediately and now, but with the right optimization and management of advertising campaigns, progress is visible in a few months.

Therefore, we run advertising campaigns for our current and future clients for a minimum of 3 months in order to achieve good advertising results and to ensure that both parties are satisfied with their work.

We offer a discount on advertising campaigns of 15% until July 1, 2020 due to the new situation with the COVID-19 virus.

How advertising works

    1.  We thoroughly investigate the market and competition
    2.  We determine your target audience based on which we create campaigns
    3.  We are creating 1 or more campaigns
    4.  We choose the social network on which the ads will appear
    5.  We take photos or edit your photos
    6.  We adjust the image format according to the type of ad that will be displayed on Facebook and/or Instagram
    7.  We devise an Interactive Text to attract the best possible audience
    8.  We create an ad and set an end date for the show
    9.  We monitor the course of the campaign every day and change the parameters in order to achieve the best possible results
    10.  We perform monthly analyzes and submit PDF reports


    Why advertise on social media?


    Targeted audience

    Unlike traditional advertising, in digital advertising your ads are shown only to the target audience. You decide whether the ad will be shown, for example, only to women or younger people aged 20 to 30. Your ads can only run in a specific city or county. etc … The option is a small million.


    Visibility / Reach

    More and more people are using their mobile devices and social networks more than they are watching television or listening to the radio. Use the potential of advertising on social networks and reach as many people as possible.


    Low price

    On social media, you determine the budget and timing of your ads. We optimize our ads on a daily basis to get the best optimal investment and money spent. You pay for advertisements per view, while in classic advertising per rented space.


    Detailed data

    The advantage of digital advertising is the detailed data of the advertising campaign. You can know exactly how many people saw your ad, where those people are from, what gender, age, etc … which helps to direct the advertising campaign in the best possible direction and reach as many potential customers as possible.

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