Managing Social Media

Need professional management of social networks such as Facebook and Instagram? Let us know together to design the best strategy for your business!

What do we offer?


Market research


Determining the target audience


Development of short-term and long-term goals


Making a monthly plan


Photo editing


Adapting media to network standards




Making and scheduling announcements


Monthly analysis

Do you have business profiles on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, but you don’t manage to fully dedicate yourself to running them? TabarDI – digital marketing agency will do the harder part of the job for you.

To achieve the best possible results and increase the visibility of posts, we use paid programs for photo editing, analysis of your profiles, and scheduling content. Before starting work on these networks, we define short-term and long-term goals. Before the start of each month, we create a monthly plan and schedule of announcements so that clients have an insight into which direction the whole story is going.

If the client cannot provide photos or videos for posting, we offer a professional photography service: space, services, employees, and products, to provide the client with high-quality photos.

If you are interested in any information about running social networks, feel free to contact us!

We offer a discount on running a social network of 15% until July 1, 2020 due to the new situation with the COVID-19 virus.