In today’s world it is extremely difficult to imagine any type of business without the help of computers and applications, because they have become a necessity in at least one part of our business management.

Whether you use computers to send emails, to keep Excel records of your group members, or to issue an account, applications are needed because they assist our business proficiency and help us remain one step ahead of our competitors.

It is practically obligatory to use applications, from programs required for POS cash registers to more complex applications with which you can manage any business aspect of your firm, association, institute, family craft…

You are probably aware that there are more than thousand applications out there, well adjusted to your type of business, but there is always that BUT, when it occurs that there is at least one detail that doesn’t fit your need completely.


What are the advantages of custom-made apps?

The main problem with already set up applications is that you are going to pay the full price for that application without the possibility of adapting, updating and renewing it to your wishes and demands.

The advantage of custom-made applications is that you directly participate with us in every phase of building the application’s program, which gives you complete control over your future app.

Also, you choose and decide how your program will look like and which key preferences it will consist of. The most important part of all, is that you will get functions that your business truly requires, and not a fixed, set up app that you may like concerning it’s design, but is completely unfunctional otherwise, and makes you lose your time and money.

Why spend your money on already set up applications, when some of them don’t even have the basic, let alone the more complex functions needed to advance your business , when we can provide you a custom made application fit for all your requirements?

Custom – made APP Other APPS
Customizing design to your requirements Yes No
Functions specially customized for your business Yes No
The possibility of additional modules Yes No
Additional Upgrade Yes Maybe
Visible on all operating systems (windows, Linux, Mac, Android,…) Yes Maybe
Using app on mobile device, tablet or computer Yes Maybe
Using app via Intranet or Internet Yes No
Cloud application By your demand Maybe


How long is the app making process?

 The process of making an application depends on your wishes and necessities, which we will divide into several phases, depending how many functions, module numbers and other features you require for your app.

Considering all said, the time required to make your custom app is individual and depends on your wishes and demands.

Approximately, the given time to make an application varies, between 1 month in case of a simple application that requires a basic program, to 12 months for more complex applications which require significantly more functions and modules.

If you are interested in having your custom made app which will satisfy all your business requirements, feel free to contact us via email: with the description of your ideal custom-made app.


The process of making your custom-made app

 As we said earlier the process of making your custom-made app is divided into several phases.

  • The first phase is collecting all the important and „non important“ data about how your application should look like, what will it consist of, and which will be it’s primary and secondary functions…
  • The second phase, we define the goals and deliver the visual structure of the program, or how it could look like and than with your assistance and guidance adjust, change or add anything needed before starting phase three and building the app.
  • Phase three consists of creating the basic program modules for your app and creating design well adjusted for your business requirements. This phase is divided into few more steps, while every module of the application represents a new step in this process.
  • Phase four is the testing phase when we test the application so we could discover if there are any difficulties, errors and if there is any possibility of a haker invasion.
  • The fifth phase is the one where we give you accesss to the application so you can check if it matches all your wishes, requirements and needs,  and wait for your further instructions if any changes are required.
  • In phase six we set the application on your server and connect it with all your other devices so we can test it out. If everything is in order, your application is ready to run, if not we make the final adjustments.

Technologies used for making custom apps

 Speaking of technologies used to develop applications, these are mostly technologies which can provide cloud apps development.

TabarDI for  developing programs uses mostly laravel php framework for back-end, MariaDB or mySQL data base, html+css for designing your app and Vue.js/react.js for better compatibility between your application and it’s data base.

What is Laravl PHP Framework?

Laravel is one of the most powerful php framworks used in most cases for back-end programming web domains and applications, while because of it’s simplicity and functionality it can also be used to create design with the help of blade systems. (HTML, CSS i Vue.js by default).

Laravel is designed as a MVC framework so we can easily define models which will later on be connected via display or controller, which will run your app functions, and the best part is it is easily connected to an Andoid or IOS system, so applications developed on those systems can easily later on be connected with yours.

MariaDB or MySQL

During the process TabarDI uses MySQL for making apps because it will not have many entries, erasing, editing in your data base. In case your data base is more complex and requires more connections, we will use MariaDB or a similar data base depending on our clients requirements.


It is crucial for us to make the design for your application appealing and interesting, and we insist that the design is made by your preferences. We use the newest version of Bootstrap, so we can ensure your application correct display on any computer or mobile device, no matter which operating system it runs by.


Vue.js is an important js framework which we use to process your inputs and change them directly into DOM, so there is no need to reload your application each time, after a mouse click is made on a certain function. Instead, it changes only that part that is needed to exchange wih new data base. This enhances the loading data speed time, unloads your server and your devices processors so they don’t use up too much of your memory space, and also less data is sent and delievered which is useful especially if you use your mobile device on your mobile network. It will save your GB while you’re using your app.


Upgrades and changes

 While designing the structure of your custom-made app, we also install the MVC (Model-View-Controller)  structure, so if any changes are made from your part in the future, the app can easily addapt and continue working, without spending additionally your time and money.

If you have any questions regarding the process of making you custom-made application, feel free to contact us via email: or the contact form.